How To Pay Medical Bills Via Mobile at

How To Pay Medical Bills Via Mobile at

How to pay medical bills via mobile? Nowadays in our busy life, no one will show interest to choose a time taking the process to complete there work. Paying medical bills at hospitals is one of the risky and time taking processes. Each and every time when you need to pay the bill of anything like the lab, medical, op, to admit, to discharge and many you need to rush to the billing counter and wait in the queue for a long time.

To simplify this process Peryourhealth an American company has come into the hospital industry. Even for hospital management, it is a  risky process to maintain all the bill records and update the information. Many of the Hospitals are aligned with the Peryourhealth portal to help the employees and patients to complete the work in a simple procedure.

Pay your medical bill
Pay Medical Bills Via Mobile at

Peryourhealth is an online portal to pay your medical bills. is the official website of Peryourhealth. To pay your bills online you need to first register and then login with Peryourhealth. This process is even simplified and now you can pay your medical bills without registering with Peryourhealth. This can be done using your smartphone. Let us know in brief about this procedure.

Pay Medical Bills Via Mobile at Peryourhealth Portal

To pay your medical bills online, you can use the Peryourhealth can be accessed on Windows, Mac, Tablet, Android, iOS. Using any of the devices you can pay your medical bills at Peryourhealth online payment system.

But for this online system, you need to have good internet access and complete the registration process. Without the registration and without the internet access you can pay your bills at Peryourhealth using your smartphone. You can follow the below-given procedure to pay your bills using mobile.

  • First, confirm whether your health providers will accept the services of Peryourhealth or not.
  • If they accept, follow the procedure.
  • Keep the patient account number and the payment cards ready before starting the procedure.
  • 888-442-8447 is the toll-free number of Peryourhealth medical bill payments.
  • Make a call on 888-442-8447 from your number.
  • Now you will ask for the account number of the Patient, which will be available on the hospital bill statement. pay your medical bill

  • After entering the details, you will redirect to the payment process.
  • To pay you can use, debit card/credit card, net banking.
  • Provide all your required bank details to complete the payment.
  • Once the payment is done successfully, you will receive a confirmation message from the Peryourhealth team.
  • Make a note of the transaction details for further use.

This is the complete procedure to pay your medical bills at Peryourhealth via mobile. Follow it and complete the bill payment by mobile easily.

Benefits, Requirements, and Limitations of Paying Bills through Mobile at

You can use the Peryourhealth mobile payment option to help the needs at an emergency. Paying bills via Mobile at has many benefits. Some of them are listed below

  • For mobile bill payments, you no need to have an internet source.
  • You no need to complete the registration process.
  • From anywhere you can pay your medical bills.
  • You just required a smartphone and the patient’s account number.
  • Check that your mobile is fully charged or not. If it is switched off in the middle of the transaction means you cannot complete the payment process.
  • One and only disadvantage with this process is, You cannot get the complete reports of the patients and transaction history.
  • Payments via mobile can be used only for paying bills, you cannot access any other features of Peryourhealth.

These are the benefits that you can get from Peryourhealth. When you are paying the medical bill from this portal. Do check the complete details.


Peryourhealth is one of the best Online medical bill payment portal for USA citizens. One who uses the per your health will definitely suggest to others on their personal experience. I hope you got the complete information on How To Pay Medical Bills Via Mobile? Read the complete article to know the benefits and payment procedures at Follow us for more interesting and informative articles on Peryourhealth and related topics. Comment your queries and share your suggestions in the comment box below.

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