Most Popular Medical Apps for Doctors & Patients in 2022

Most Popular Medical Apps for Doctors & Patients in 2022

Medical Apps For Doctors: Medical apps are just like an assistant for the doctors. These apps let the doctors or physicians keep in touch with their patients and maintain their work at a single click like Peryourhealth medical portal. With a medical or health care app, you don’t need to worry about your schedule anymore.

Health care apps or medical apps are mobile software or computer software that keeps all the information regarding your patients in one place. These apps let you interact with your patients on a virtual platform. Besides that,  you can also get some fresh and updated news on the recent medical innovations or a newly found virus on this app.

medical apps for doctors

If you are a practicing doctor or a medical student, then these medical apps for doctors will be really helpful to you. They come in handy and ease out your medical searches and also helps as decision tools when you are stuck in a confused state with your patient. For those who want to use a medical app, we have given the best medical apps for doctors in this article.

Best Medical Apps For Doctors

Medical apps come with a lot of features and benefits for their users. Being in 2021, it is really necessary to go with the technology and trust the medical apps. Below are some of the benefits of having a medical app. Both doctors and patients can interact on this platform.

  • Your interaction with your patients can be stronger with the use of a medical app. In case of any emergency, your patients will be able to reach you easily.
  • With a medical app in your hand, you can easily check your patient’s details and maintain track of their condition same as pay bill.
  • Maintains your daily routine and all your patient’s records. You can check all your patient’s previous and current records.
  • Get updated information about all the new tools and medical equipment. GPS feature will help the user track their patient’s location in case of any emergency.

Now that you have known the importance and the benefits of having a medical app, we are going to give some of the best medical apps for doctors to have in 2021.


Epocrates is our first recommendation for the best medical apps for doctors. You can search for a wide range of medical information on this app. Some of the features of this app are Symptom Checker, Disease Database, Clinical Guidelines, Medicine Specific Calculator that helps the doctors very much. Epocrates is a Clinical Decision Support Tool (CDST) that means it helps the doctors in decision making in critical case scenarios.

best medical apps for doctors and patients

This app is supported on mobile, desktop, tablet, and laptop. The best part of this app is it works offline. So, it is not compulsory to have a mobile internet connection to use Epocrates. There are both free and paid versions. With a paid version, you will get advanced options like Lab References, ICD-9 &10, Alternate Meds, etc.


Doximity is also among the best medical apps for doctors. This app was recently developed by the founders of Epocrates and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. For all doctors, this app is free to install and uses. You can search for any medical-related queries within this app. There is also a filter option to select a particular field, location, or hospital, etc.

most popular medical apps for doctors and patients

Doximity is a perfect platform for doctors where one can create and edit one’s profile for avoiding any chances of error. Also, medical reports and other patient details can be sent and received through secure faxes and encrypted messages.


PEPID is also one of the best medical apps for doctors. It is a decision support tool and helps you diagnose the patient by providing you information and helps you to find the disease stepwise. This is an offline app so you don’t need to worry about the internet all time.

medical apps in 2021

PEPID has information on more than 3000 diseases and their conditions. It contains images of the illnesses, symptoms, and many other useful data. This app has the most comprehensive drug database and is also very easy to use. This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and is free to install.


MDCalc is one of the best physician assistant apps that offer great services to doctors and med-students. Earlier, MDCalc used to be a WordPress site in 2005. Because of the good response it received from the public, this site was transformed into a mobile application.

top medical apps for doctors

MDCalc provides treatment solutions for more than 150 diseases and also has more than 350 decision-making tools for critical cases of the patients. This app is reliable and is trusted across the world. MDCalc is used in nearly 200 countries worldwide with more than a million subscribers. This app is based on an annual subscription and the cost is $549.

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Case medical software gets all the latest news and events about medical researches and innovations in your view. Reading newspapers and magazines is also made easy this app. Since doctors can’t find quite free time to spend on journals and reading papers, Case brings all the news on your app to read with a single click anywhere.

best medical apps in 2021

The Case application is available in 100 languages so that you can search for the topics in your language with more ease. All the information on your home page will be based on your interests and recent searches.


VisualDX is a diagnostic app where you can find images of the symptoms so that you can make a clear and correct diagnostic of your patient. Since it is really hard to identify the disease or the condition of the patient just by looking at the injury, VisualDX helps you to make a decision based on the options that it provides.

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If you are at your starting period of medical practice, then this app is one of the best medical apps for doctors. VisualDX has more than 32,000 images of patients to understand and identify the disease. This app works well for multiple medical fields like dermatology, radiology, pathology, ophthalmology, oral medicine, and emergency medicine.


UpToDate is also one of the best medical apps for doctors. For those who want an app with a wide variety of features and a large amount of medical information, this app is a perfect option. In the UpToDate application, you can search across 8,500 topics for getting any medical information. Also, you can get ideas and info from 4,400 expert discussions.

medical apps for patients and doctors

As its name says, this app will let you be up to date with regular news, events, alerts related to the medical field. For more ease, you can this app in the language that you are comfortable with. You can also bookmark your favorite subjects in this app. UpToDate is free to install but you need to pay for the subscription. An annual subscription for it is $495. For med-students and resident doctors, the subscription is only $195 per year.


We hope you got an idea about the medical apps for doctors. Medical apps are very useful and help a lot in your medical work. Epocrates is an overall best medical app with an annual subscription. But, if you don’t want to spend on apps, then you can go for PEPID or Doximity. For more related posts, visit the website.

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