Lungs Problem: 10 signs to Recognize them at Home

Lungs Problem: 10 signs to Recognize them at Home

We must pay attention to the health of our lungs if we notice that we are short of breath when we carry out normal everyday activities if we have wheezing or get too tired.

If you start to feel tired after taking a few steps, playing with your children, or doing housework, you may have lungs problem. Our quality of life always depends on the attention we pay to our body, especially the internal organs which are extremely important. That’s we suggest you check the complete information of the Peryourhealth portal for medical helpings.

lungs problem

An adult can breathe up to 20,000 times a day under normal conditions. When normal breathing has problems, try to understand why. The airways are perhaps the part of the body that works the most, and constant fatigue is a clear sign of a lungs problem. Let’s check the symptoms of lung problems.

Lung problems symptoms

Tiredness or fatigue

Maybe you went everywhere before, took the stairs instead of the elevator, and didn’t mind moving all the furniture in the house when you had to do the cleaning.

lung problems symptoms

However, now you don’t even want to hear about it, you have noticed that a few movements are enough to tire you.


It is not normal for your breath to make noise when you inhale or exhale, this could be a sign of lung problems.

If you notice a slight hissing sound when you breathe, this is no doubt a warning sign of a lungs problem.

Constant coughs and colds

Having the symptoms of a cold caused by a virus during the winter is quite normal. These symptoms alert you to the risk of lungs problem when they persist over time.

A specialist is likely to check the level of the body’s immune defenses first, but should not rule out a check of the lungs.


It is the mixture of saliva and mucus that accumulates in the respiratory tract. It is common in smokers who often have coughing fits in the morning.

These lungs problem cause a constant need to spit and expel phlegm.

Shortness of breath

If you don’t breathe normally, it means something is wrong. Breathing is a natural mechanism that we are hardly aware of.

Warning Signs of Lung Disease

Having difficulty breathing, therefore, can be a sign of a lung problem.

Pressure on the chest

You feel that a weight is putting pressure on your chest and it is likely to be accompanied by pain when performing common actions such as coughing, walking, eating, breathing deeply, or bending over.

Loss of muscle mass

The mass muscle begins to decrease due to alterations in the exchange of oxygen within the organism.

Although the loss of muscle mass can also be caused by other factors, it could indicate lung problems. You should be especially careful in case it occurs along with other symptoms mentioned in this article.

Unexplained fever

It is not normal to have a fever for no reason. Fever is a form of defense of the body that indicates that something is not going as it should and usually appears along with inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Types of Lung Diseases

Cough with blood

It is usually typical of diseases that are now in an advanced state, such as pulmonary embolism or tuberculosis. In case of cough with blood, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination immediately to rule out any negative prognosis.

Loss of appetite

Although it may seem that there is some relationship between the two when the lungs are not functioning properly, the desire to eat is lost and the feeling of lack of appetite increases.

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Tips for keeping the lungs healthy

These changes in the body set off warning signs, so don’t ignore them. In this way, the doctor will be able to detect any disease in time with satisfactory results.

Taking care of your health does not only mean recognizing changes in the body, prevention is also very important.

Symptoms of a Lung Infection

There are some good habits you can adopt to strengthen lung health and avoid damage to the respiratory system, which will undoubtedly affect your quality of life.

Follow these 5 tips to protect your lungs:

  • Don’t smoke: It is essential, perhaps the most important thing.
  • Train your breathing: There are several exercises to strengthen the lungs. If in doubt, ask an expert or specialist. Yoga is one of the best activities in this regard.
  • Regularly cleanse your body: Cleaning with the right foods is of great help. Your lungs will enjoy better health if you consume iron-filled foods like watercress, pistachios, and foods rich in vitamin E.
  • Avoid pollution: Maybe nowadays it is difficult, but try to get away from environmental pollution as well as from areas designated for smokers.
  • Drink purifying infusions: Replace coffee with herbal teas that help cleanse the lungs. The most suitable are oregano, eucalyptus, and orange peel.

Most common lung disease

The pathology that most affects the respiratory system is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It mostly affects people who have smoked for more than two decades or even less.

Although it is mainly linked to the habit of smoking, there are people who develop this disease because they are exposed to chemical vapors, environmental pollution, and dust.

Now that you know the symptoms that may indicate a lungs problem, start taking precautions. We insist on the importance of early detection and the attention and care given to the lungs to protect them. After all, they are among the most important organs in our body.

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