FIA Global – Instant Bill Payment Portal: What it is All About?

FIA Global – Instant Bill Payment Portal: What it is All About?

Every single transaction that we make have become online now. There are many such online portals where you can pay bills easily. FIA Global is such an instant bill payment portal where you can easily pay all your monthly bills, recharges, bank payments, electricity, water, and many daily usage bills.

FIA Global is an instant bill payment portal where transactions are made easier and can be completed within a matter of seconds. You can trust online payment apps as they provide confirmation to both payer and payee instantly. You can make overseas transactions too with this instant medical bill payment portal.

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Here, we have given all the details and information you need to know about the FIA Global – Instant Bill Payment service. Read the full article to know all the relevant information regarding the FIA Technology Services.

FIA Global – Instant Bill Payment Portal

FIA Technology was founded by two students from MIT in August 2012. Their main mission was to develop social and economic inclusion and to remove the poverty in the rural parts of South Asia. Apart from focussing on digital growth, FIA also shows an interest in livelihood empowerment and is taking a great step in women empowerment also.

FIA provides the first Financial Inclusion platform as a managed service. FIA helps to aggregate, redesign, and deliver financial products for scale in rural and underdeveloped areas. FIA’s main mission is to develop a network of micro-entrepreneurs and give them back support so that they can develop themselves and live a life of dignity and can get themselves out of poverty.

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FIA provides different programs through which it is running incredible works. Such an appreciable program is called FIA’s Bank Sakhi where FIA gathers rural women, provides them training and helps them to settle down in their lives based on their power and hard work. Until now, FIA has helped in empowering more than 3000 women across the rural areas in India.

Aims Of FIA Global

“Banking the Unbanked”  is one of the main visions of FIA Global. FIA Technology Services has started this instant payment portal with an aim to bring digital growth in the rural areas and make the rural and poor women use digital transactions at their doorstep. FIA’s main aims for starting this service are given below.

  • Digital Payment Solutions
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Livelihood Opportunities
  • Skill Development

FIA Global Services

The services that are offered at FIA Global instant payment portal are really appreciable. You can pay your monthly bills such as electricity bill, water bill, book tickets, and can recharge your mobile number. Also, you can make bank transactions within this portal. You can transfer money to others using the FIA service. Outside of India, you can transfer money to Nepal.


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Here are some of the services that are offered at the FIA instant bill payment portal.

  • Banking: You can operate your bank services in an instant with this portal. Send money or receive through online banking on FIA Global instant payment portal.
  • Remittance: Remittance or transfer of money from overseas or abroad is possible through FIA. If you want to send money to your family or relatives, then this feature is very useful.
  • Prepaid Recharge: This is one of the important things now. You don’t have to visit the recharge stores anymore. All the prepaid plans for your SIM card will be available on this platform. Just select your plan and pay accordingly anywhere and anytime.
  • Postpaid Mobile Payments: Not only prepaid but also postpaid recharge option is available. So you can pay the bills for your monthly calls with FIA online payment portal.
  • Utility Bill Payments: It is really annoying when you have to visit each and every location for paying monthly bills for your home. Without going anywhere, pay all your electricity, water, DTH bills sitting at your home.
  • Insurance: If you have enrolled or registered yourself for any monthly or annual insurance, then you can pay it within seconds.
  • Tickets & Pancard Services: You can book tickets for the railway, roadways, and also airways using this platform.
  • Nepal Money Transfer: You can transfer money to Nepal’s residents using the Nepal Money Transfer service.

Specialties of FIA Global

Below are some of the services and specialties that are provided at the FIA Global instant bill payment portal. FIA has worked so hard to deliver all the services to the rural and unreachable areas of India and Nepal.

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Online Payment Gateway Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Network Management & Optimisation
  • Merchant payment collection
  • Remittance
  • Livelihood Empowerment
  • Advisory Services
  • Capacity Building
  • Rural Development
  • Risk Analytics

Final Words

That was all about the FIA Global – Instant Bill Payment Portal. This service is great and is also good for maintaining sustainable financial services. You can use the banking, remittance, and money transfer features easily regardless of time and location. For any further queries, you can drop your comments below. Keep visiting our website PerYourHealth for more related posts and guides.

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