5 Best Medical Portals for Paying Medical Bills {Updated List}

5 Best Medical Portals for Paying Medical Bills {Updated List}

Best Medical Portals for Paying Medical Bills: Medical Billing has been in the topmost earning ways list and is a great career to be in. If you are looking forward to entering the medical billing field, then this guide will help you with the best medical portals for paying medical bills.

Medical billing software helps you to automate the patient’s billing details and also useful when you claim insurance from the company. Therefore, choosing the best medical billing portal is one of the most important steps for your work.

Best Medical Portals for Paying Medical Bills

Here, we are going to list the best Medical Portals for paying medical bills with ease. You have to buy the software from their website and start working on the medical bills. Get the best medical portal with the help of our list provided here.

Best Medical Portals for Paying Medical Bills

Basically, medical portals are third-party software that handles automate data of the patient bills and claims for insurance. What you do in medical billing software is, you have to provide your patient’s details and their bill details that were charged at the hospital and claim for the insurance from the company.

Choosing the best medical portals for paying medical bills is very important. Not only you have to get back the insurance, but also get some earnings for yourself. So, make sure to select the best one so that you don’t regret it later.


Our first recommendation for the Best Medical Portals for Paying Medical Bills is the AdvancedMD software. This medical billing portal was started in 1999 and is one of the trusted medical billing apps since then.

For those medical practitioners who want a high success rate, this software is the best one for them. You have to claim the patient’s bills and rest assured. This app is sure to give you a good and successful result on your very first try.

best medical ports for paying medical bills in 2021

This portal is based on an EMR system so that the user finds all their data in one place. It is also easy to operate and use because of its straightforward and user-friendly interface. However, the only problem with AdvancedMD software is the initial coding of claims on this software or portal has to be done by yourself.


  • 95% Success Rate is guaranteed in AdvancedMD
  • It will search your claims for any coding errors
  • Also helps in processing denied claims
  • Gives access to the mobile app for iOS users.
  • It works well with all types and sizes of practices.


  • AdvancedMD does not perform the initial coding
  • You have to do the initial coding itself
  • Android devices are not compatible with the mobile app
  • Fees are a little more compared to other medical billing software


AthenaCollector is also a good option to consider when you are looking for the best medical portals for paying medical bills. The portal is easy to use and lets you claim insurance very easily. An in-house billing feature is also provided for strict control over the patient records.

If ever your staff or the medical practicers made a mistake or error, the AthenaHealth detects and points out the errors. The minimum contact is only 90 days long so it is easy to use and find out whether it suits best to your needs.

best medical billing portals



  • Easy to use and has a straightforward interface
  • The price is reasonable and affordable for everyone
  • Also coordinates with in-house billing
  • Points out the errors that you have made
  • The contract length is shorter than the average


  • Includes third-party service that not everyone is comfortable with
  • The success rate in a first attempt is lower compared to other portals
  • Charges extra fees on the denied claims


CureMD is suitable for special practitioners and is one of the best medical portals for paying medical bills for the hospitals. The first-pass success rate is 98% so it is a good chance to go for this portal. The success rate of this portal is the highest in the medical billing software portals.

best medical billing portals in 2021


  • Suitable for both general and special practitioners
  • EMR system is available for specialties
  • The initial price is less
  • All-in-one system for billing services
  • Also has free onboarding


  • The app is not compatible with Android mobile phones
  • Works best for the Internet Explorer browser
  • Extra fees for more than five users


Kareo is one of the best medical portals for paying medical bills and is the most suitable for independent physicians.  Kareo was started in 2000 and has been working well for the physicians to perform all their billing needs in one place.

This portal is comparatively low in price and also doesn’t provide a long contract length. You just have to pay the fees for monthly usage and can continue or not on your wish.

best medical software for paying bills


  • The price is reasonable and comparatively low
  • Works well with a single segment or all segments of medical billing
  • Suitable for resubmissions of the denied claims
  • There is no minimum contract for the usage


  • Separate service for manage billing
  • Kareo’s EMR and practice software is a must-use
  • Basic billing software has no guarantee on claims


Waystar is also a good option when searching for the best medical portals for paying medical bills for both government and commercial payments. The success rate is very good for the first attempt of insurance claiming on this portal.

General and special practitioners, can fully use this software easily. Tracking the patient’s claim and also reporting any errors is also possible.

best medical portals for paying medical bills


  • The first pass success rate is 98.5% which is really impressive
  • Reporting, tracking the patient’s claims is supported
  • Medicare billing is supported
  • Good option for large practices


  • Setup fees and onboarding pay is more
  • The interface is a little complex so might take longer to get familiar with


We hope you got a clear idea about the best medical portals for paying medical bills that are out there. AdvancedMD software is a good option overall but the cost is a little too high, so reconsider it. If this is your first time, then go for AthenaCollector’s portal. Hope you liked the information that we have given here. For more related posts, visit the Per Your Health website.

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