Best Healthcare Apps You should know in 2021

Best Healthcare Apps You should know in 2021

Are you looking for some of the best healthcare apps? Then you have come to the right place. Here, we have given the list of healthcare applications that are really useful when you want to maintain your health and manage all your hospital appointments with ease. Our Peryourhealth research team had in-depth research and shortlisted these apps.

Healthcare apps or medical apps are mobile software applications that help in maintaining all your medical needs and requirements. You can easily pay bills for your medical expenses, talk to your doctor or physician over a phone or text message, fix an appointment with your doctor, manage your diet, and much more with the best healthcare apps.

best healthcare apps

Below are the top healthcare apps that are available on the internet. These apps are a must-have for everyone nowadays to have a healthy lifestyle and maintain all your hospital needs at a place regardless of time and location.

8 Best Healthcare Apps

Why should you have a healthcare app on your mobile phone? Well, there are a lot of uses of healthcare applications. You can get instant medical aid whenever and wherever you want with this single app. Also, using such apps can also get you discounts and offers on your medical expenses. So, there is no reason to not use this app.

Here are some of the benefits and uses of having a mobile healthcare app.

  • Fix an appointment with your doctor with a single click
  • You can contact your physician or specialist in any emergency
  • Get your reports from the diagnostic lab online
  • Maintain your daily routine on the healthcare app
  • You can also manage your diet with the help of these apps

Apart from all these benefits, you can get your services done without costing any money. Even visiting a general physician or a dietician for a regular check-up will lead to a large payment bill. So, the best healthcare apps are also doing good in a financial way.

Here are the best healthcare apps that one should have on their mobile phones for easy health check-ups and regular diet management.

Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand is one of the must-have and the best healthcare apps for your daily needs. In case if you have a busy schedule and can’t make it to visit the hospital, then you can go for a video consultation with your doctor on this app. This app provides 1400 licensed doctors on the service.

8 best healthcare apps

But, one thing to remember here is the doctors on this app treat non-emergency health issues like cold, flu, allergies, injuries, etc. Your doctor will give you a medical prescription online and you can also ask your doubts with the doctor. The consultation fees can range from $50 to $95 based on the time of the session.


Fitocracy is a fitness and workout tracking application that helps best for the people who want to get rid of obesity or want to maintain perfect and fit health. Bodybuilders and dedicated gym lovers will absolutely love this app.

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To keep the user’s enthusiasm and also to motivate him or her. Fitocracy has a point-based profile. For completing every particular workout, you will be awarded some points and thus cross the app levels.


If your family member has diabetes, then this app is the perfect one for them. HelpAround application is developed to help and reduce the suffering of diabetes patients. It keeps you updated on what diet you should follow, etc.

healtharound best healthcare apps

This app creates a community-like environment and allows you to connect with other HelpAround users. In case of any emergency, you can ask for help from the other users. Helparound is definitely among the best healthcare apps for diabetes patients.


TotallyPregnant is a perfect app for soon to be moms. This app takes care of your loved ones who are pregnant and gives good health advice based on the week-by-week pregnancy tracker. This app is easy to use and provides a feel-good interface.

best healthcare apps for pregnant

You can manage your diet, get advice from experts, track your pregnancy, and much more with this app. This healthcare app is the first app to have 3D fetus animation videos. This is one of the best healthcare apps for pregnant ladies.


Mental health is an important factor in one’s medical condition. Only being fit in a physical way is not at all considered healthy. If you know someone with anxiety disorders, depression, or any other mental health issues, then Talkspace is one of the best healthcare apps for them.

best healthcare apps in 2021

There are some people who don’t find it comfortable to visit hospitals for therapies and meet psychologists. Talkspace helps you to communicate with great therapists over your mobile any time and anywhere. The doctor fees are also lower and affordable.

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Digital Pharmacist

Digital Pharmacist is one of the best healthcare apps that you must have on your mobile. This app lets you directly interact with the pharmacist and allows you to ask for medications, and doubts regarding the medicines timings, etc.

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So, now it has become easier to contact your pharmacist without even visiting the pharmacy. You can show the doctor’s prescription directly to the pharmacist and ask for advice.

Insight Optics

Insight Optics is for treating and examining your eye-related medical issues. When the creators of this app got to know that only 50% of patients get their eyesight checkup by an ophthalmologist, they wanted to create an app that lets everyone easily communicate with an eye specialist.

top healhcare apps

This app examines and records your retinal exams and refers to local eye specialists. You can attach your smartphone camera to a handheld ophthalmoscope and record your retina for reviewing it to the doctor. The ophthalmologist will review and prescribe your medication accordingly.


Medici healthcare mobile app for patients is an amazing healthcare service that allows you to communicate with doctors easily. The doctor fee is also comparatively less on this app. If you are short of time and want to make a quick appointment with a doctor, then Medici is the one.

best healthcare apps for patients

After connecting with your doctor, you can tell the doctor about your problem, the symptoms and can also send pictures if needed. Once checked and figured out, the doctor will prescribe your medicines directly to your pharmacy. Medici is also one of the trusted and best healthcare apps.


That was all about the best healthcare apps that are a must to have on everyone’s smartphone. There are apps available for all the special care that you need for your health. So, make sure to install the healthcare app on your mobile. If you don’t have enough time to visit the hospitals, then you can also go for a video consultation with a doctor and get some medicine prescribed. Hope you liked the information that we have given above. For more related articles, visit the PerYourHealth portal.

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